D2 VCT1 Minilec Under Voltage Relay

This Minilec Under Voltage Relay is best suitable for monitoring balanced or unbalanced supplies, either of single phase, 3 phase 3-wire or 3 phase 4-wire loads powered by generators, UPS, stabilizers, inverters or mains (by electricity board / utilities); in AMF panels, PCCs, Distribution boards and for power monitoring of individuals loads / motors / pumps.

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Feature of D2 VCT1 Monitoring Relays

  • Auto/Manual Reset,
  • Absolute values for UV/OV,
  • Microcontroller based design,
  • 2CO output relay (or selectable 1COfor UV,1CO for OV) Failsafe-non-failsafe selectable
  • 3-Phase 3-Wire and 3-Phase 4-Wire (selectable)Under & Over voltage,

Specifications of D2 VCT1 Monitoring Relays

System Supply
  • System Supply100-120/220-240/380-440V AC -25%+20%,48-63 Hz
Output Relay Contact
  • Output Relay Contact1 CO + 1 CO / 2 CO
Trip Setting
  • Under VoltagePh Ph Setting:
    For 380-440V AC: 285-425V AC (Variable)
    For 220-240V AC: 165-225V AC (Variable)
    For 100-120V AC: 75-115V AC (Variable)
    Ph N Sensing:
    For 380-440V AC: 165-245V AC (Variable)
    For 220-240V AC: 95-135V AC (Variable)
    For 100-120V AC: 45-65V AC (Variable)
  • Over VoltagePh Ph Setting:
    For 380-440V AC: 400-520V AC (Variable)
    For 220-240V AC: 230-290V AC (Variable)
    For 100-120V AC: 105-145V AC (Variable)
    Ph N Sensing:
    For 380-440V AC: 230-310V AC (Variable)
    For 220-240V AC: 130-170V AC (Variable)
    For 100-120V AC: 60-80V AC (Variable)
Trip Time Delay
  • Trip Time Delay1-10 Sec (Variable) UV/OV/NF
Power on Delay
  • Power on Delay1-10 Sec (Variable)
  • ResetAuto / Manual Reset
  • Weight300 gms. (Approx)
Dimensions (mm)
  • Overall (L x W x D)76 x 56.5 x 117.5
  • Mounting (L x W)67 x 46 / 35 mm rail Mounting
  • Wherever not specified Contact Rating : 5A @ 230 V AC (resistive)