Delay ON Star Delta Timer Relay GRT8-ST

GRT8-ST Star Delta Timer Relay Delay on Motor Star Delta Timer Soft Starter Delta Relay Motor Starter AC 230V

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Feature of Delay ON Star/Delta Timer Relay GRT8-ST

  • T1: Start delay range is adjustable from 0.1s to 10min (knob setting).
  • With AC/DC 12~240V wide working voltage specification optional.
  • T2: Conversion time 0.1s-1s can be set (knob setting).
  • Super small size, only 18mm wide, 35mm rail mounting. Application: designed for star delta motor start control.
  • The working status of relay is indicated by LED indicator light.
  • Super small size, only 18mm wide, 35mm rail mounting
  • Application: designed for star motor start control

Specifications of Delay ON Star/Delta Timer Relay GRT8-ST

  • Type: AC/DC12V~240V, AC380V,AC400V, AC415V, A230(Optional)
  • Power terminal A1-A2
  • Rated control power supply voltage: AC/DC 12-240v (50/60hz)
  • Power consumption :AC 0.7-3VA/DC 0.5-1.7W
  • Power supply allowable fluctuation range: -15%; + 10%
  • Power indicator: green LED
  • Starting delay: 0.1s-10min; conversion delay: 0.1s-1s
  • Setting mode: knob
  • Setting accuracy: 5%
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.2%
  • Temperature fluctuation error: 0.05%,at=20
  • Output: two sets of conversion contacts 16A/AC250VAC
  • Minimum switching power: 500mW
  • Output relay indication: red LED
  • Mechanical life: 1 x 10000000
  • Long-life electrical resistance (load) :1000000
  • Reset time: 200ms maximum
  • Working environment temperature: – 20~ 55
  • Storage and transportation environment temperature: – 35~ 75
  • Installation: 35mm rail mounting
  • Protection level: Ip20
  • Installation location: any
  • Installation altitude: 2000 meters
  • Pollution level: 2
  • Wiring capacity: 1×2.5mm²or 2x 1.5mm²
  • Dimensions: 90*18*64mm/3.5*0.7*2.5in
  • Conforming to the standard: GB14048.5.IEC/EN 60255-1
  • Weight: Approx.96g/3.4oz