DKMJ-AP Series Film Capacitors

Advanced power film capacitors with controlled self-healing technology are one of the power electronics solutions that EV and HEV engineers can rely on to meet the stringent size, weight, performance, and zero-catastrophic-failure reliability criteria of this demanding market.

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  • Ability to satisfy challenging mechanical and electrical specifications
  • Long life expectancy
  • Proven field reliability with zero catastrophic failures, even under severe usage
  • Broad market and application suitability


  • Digital Consumer Electronics
  • Information Processing Equipment
  • Recreation
  • Communications Equipment
  • Automotive Electronics



Operating temperature range -40℃~105℃
Storage temperature range -40℃~105℃
Un/ Rated voltage 450V.DC
Cn/ Rated capaciance 580μF
Cap.tol ±10%(K)
Withstand voltage Vt-t 1.5Un/10S(20℃±5℃)
Vt-c 3000V.AC/10S(50Hz,20℃±5℃)
Dissipation factor tgδ≤0.001  f=100Hz
Insulation resistance Rs×C≥10000S (at20℃ 100V.DC 60s)
ESR ≤0.6mΩ(10KHz)
Ls ≤15nH
Rth 3.5K/W
Max. current Irms 80A (70℃)
Non-recurrent surge voltage (Us) 675V.DC
Maximum peak current (Î) 5.8KA
Maximum surge current(Is) 11.6KA
Filling material  (Resin or Polyurethane, dry)
Failure quota ≤50Fit
Reference standard IEC 61071 ; AEC Q 200D-2010
Weight ≈1.0kg
Dimension 164mm×115mm×45mm