ES3 Delta Incremental Rotary Encoder

ES3 Delta Incremental Rotary Encoders are Metal encoder code wheels designed for high-precision applications in incremental and absolute rotary encoders. The encoder wheels can be produced using any of the available processes at Thin Metal Parts, depending on resolution specifications. These include electroforming, chemical milling, laser cutting, Mylar™ imaging, and glass imaging. The products are corrosion-resistant and offer superior stability in high-temperature and high-shock environments.

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  • Operating Temperature -10 C~70 C, 95%RH (Non-condensing, Non-freezing)
  • Storage Temperature -25 C~85 C (Non-condensing, Non-freezing)
  • Vibration 10 to 200Hz at 5G’s
  • Encoder Resolution 100 to 2500 (PPR)



Brand Delta
Model Number ES3-06CN6941
Rated Voltage 5 +/- 5%V
Output Type Open Collector
Sink Current 20 mA
Max. Load Power Voltage DC30V
Current Consumption 100mA Max.
Max. Response Frequency 300kHz Max.
Cable Diameter 5.1mm
Cable Length 500+/-20mm
Cross Sectional Area 0.18mm
Max. Speed of Main Shaft 6000rpm
Protection Degree IP40 / IP65
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece