Leine Linde encoder XHI 861 Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder

The Leine Linde encoder has a long history of successful operation in applications within heavy industries, such as the steel, paper, and wind power industries. These industries place stringent demands on robustness and reliability, and the encoder is designed thereafter. Mechanically it features a dual set of heavy-duty bearings and a well-encapsulated enclosure.

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Specification of Leine Linde encoder XHI 861

  • Shaft: Blind hollow shaft for axial fastening, diameter 12 mm, depth 53 mm, bushing isolated
  • Flange version: Flange type 86x, shaft hole Ø 25 mm, outside diameter 99.5 mm, bolt circle Ø 92 mm, 4 x M5 bolt holes 90° spaced
  • Power supply: 9 V … 30 V DC
  • Resolution: 1024
  • Output signal: HC-HTL
  • Number of channels: 6 active output channels
  • Connection type: Cable gland
  • Connecting direction: radial
  • Cable bushing type: Thread M20, cable diameter 8-11 mm