GRT8-M 16A Multifunction Timer Relay

Multifunction Timer Relay is a smart relay for easy adjustment of the control signals, with multi-time range, multi-functions, and multi-voltage input built-in.
GEYA multifunction time relay provides 10-time ranges and 10 functions for the customer’s purpose to control an event that is based on time.

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Feature of GEYA- GRT8-M 16A Multifunction Timer Relay


  • Voltage Range: AC230V or AC/DC12-240V
  • Output: 16A 1SPDT (GRT8-M1) or 2SPDT (GRT8-M2)
  • 5 time functions controlled by supply voltage ( A B C D J )
  • 4 time functions controlled by control input ( E F G H )
  • 1 function of latching relay ( I )
  • Time scale 0.1 s – 10 days divided into 10 ranges, setting by Potentiometer.
  • 0.1-1s, 1-10s, 6-60s, 1-10min, 6-60min, 1-10hr, 0.1-1day, 1-10day, only on, only off
  • 1-MODULE 18mm, DIN rail mounting, convenient installation.

Specification of GEYA- GRT8-M 16A Multifunction Timer Relay