HD6002 Electrical Dehumidifier

The HD6002 series electrical dehumidifier utilizes semiconductor technology to induce controlled condensation within specific cabinet locations, effectively reducing interior humidity to safe levels. This refrigerant-free cooling device is suitable for applications in switchgear, electrical cabinets, control cabinets, outdoor terminal boxes, and more.

Designed with an ultra-compact installation footprint, it offers high-efficiency energy savings without the need for additional heater and fan wiring. Additionally, it includes a data acquisition module for remote monitoring. It serves as an efficient and reliable replacement for traditional thermostat and heater/fan combinations.

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Features of HD6002 Electrical Dehumidifier

  • Compact design for seamless cabinet interior installation.
  • Swiftly decreases humidity within switchgear, eliminating excess moisture from the air.
  • Condensed water efficiently drains outside the cabinet through the aqueduct.
  • Offers both automatic and manual dehumidification modes.
  • Allows flexible adjustment of temperature and dehumidification start values.
  • Provides real-time temperature and humidity monitoring without requiring additional sensors or probes.
  • Option for a passive output node for the external heater.
  • Optional RS485 port for enhanced connectivity.

Applications of HD6002 Electrical Dehumidifier

  • Eliminates moisture in humid surroundings, maintaining dry air.
  • Applied in commercial settings to extract moisture, enhancing indoor comfort.
  • Allows humidity adjustments to enhance production efficiency.
  • Preserves a dry storage environment.
  • Combats moisture and airborne bacteria to safeguard people’s health.

Specification of the Electrical Dehumidifier