HZCF-400 24V 48V 110V 220V Battery Charge And Discharge Tester

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◆Environmental conditions

Working temperature: (-20~55)℃

Storage temperature: (-45~70)℃

Relative humidity: 90% (40±2℃)

Atmospheric pressure: (70~106)kPa

◆Working power supply: AC single-phase AC220V±10%; frequency: 50Hz

◆Working voltage of charging module: AC380V; frequency: 50Hz

◆Battery type: lead-acid battery

◆Nominal voltage of battery pack: 24V; 48v; 110V; 220V

Charging current: 5A~150A

Discharge current: 5A~150A

Constant current discharge voltage range: 9~28V; 40V~56V; 84~135V; 96~270V

◆ The total precision of voltage stabilization: 1%; the total precision of steady current: 1%

◆ Cell voltage type: 2V, 6V, 12V

◆ Cell voltage resolution: 2V/6V: 0.001V 12V: 0.01V

◆ Display mode: 7-inch color large-screen LCD

◆ Efficiency: ≥92%

◆ Power factor: ≥0.9

◆ Insulation strength: input to shell and output ≥ AC1500V; output to shell ≥ AC500V

◆ Mean time between failures (MTBF): ≥50000h

◆ Overheating shutdown temperature threshold: (80~85)℃