ZJB-DT Battery Discharge Tester

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  • Intelligent SCM ARM control, 7-inch 1024*600 LCD display.
  • Discharge load use PTC ceramic resistor, avoid red heat for a safer discharge process.
  • Remote battery data collector use wireless, multiple band design for 4 device working in one site.
  • Each device support max 25 cell collection boxes, each box connect 12 batteries, total 300 battery cell detecting.
  • User free to configuration charge/discharge termination threshold.
  • Provide software export record & curve report for further analysis.
  • Various alarm function, provide automatic protection in over-temperature/voltage/current status.
  • With RS485 port for remote control


Charge/discharge voltage     DC88V-264V
Charge/discharge current     0-60A
Working mode Standalone mode,

Parallel master mode,

Parallel slave mode,

Remote controlled mode

Protection performance Battery test

Overvoltage protection,

Undervoltage stop,

Overcurrent protection,

Reverse wiring protection,

65℃ overtemperature protection,

With LCD prompt and buzzer alarm

Cell voltage collection (optional) Multi-band RF wireless module

Communication distance of more than 100m,

Compatible with 2V/4V/6V/12V cell voltage monitoring,

1-25 groups of RF wireless monitoring modules monitoring up to 300 batteries

Single wireless monitoring module support monitoring 12 cells

Control precision Discharge current≤±1%;

Group terminal voltage≤±0.1%;

Cell voltage≤±0.05%

PC communication  RS485 interface, USB interface
Data storage capacity  Built-in SD card with a capacity of 8G and the USB flash drive with a capacity of 16G

Work Environment:

Heat radiation  Forced air cooling
Temperature Working rage: -5-50℃

Storage temperature: -40-70℃

Humidity Relative humidity 0-90% (40±2℃)
Elevation Rated elevation of 4,000m
Noise ﹤75dB

Working Power Supply of ZJB-DT Battery Discharge Tester:

Power supply Single-phase AC220V (-20%-+30%)

Frequency: 45-65Hz;

charging power supply     Refer to nameplate parameters or case label
Electric strength test Input-housing: 2200Vdc 1min

Input-output: 2200Vdc 1min

Output-housing: 700Vdc 1min

Safety  Compliance with EN610950

Wiring of battery charge discharge tester:

AC input    GB socket, suitable for 1-1.5mm2 cable
Charge/discharge current cable    Cable quick plug (red for positive and black for negative)
Parallel cable (optional)    2m 6-pin crystal plug wire