Incremental HeavyDuty Encoders HOG86 / POG86

The HOG86 / POG86 series is a complete product family of incremental HeavyDuty encoders. It is based on the enormous experience of the HeavyDuty world market leader, and always offers you an economical solution for your application.

HOG86 / POG86 rotary encoders operate reliably and permanently in 24/7 operation even in the toughest conditions. They make a significant contribution to the prevention of failures and high standstill costs and thus make a key contribution to the high availability of your machine or system.

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Features of Encoders HOG86 / POG86


  • Unrivalled service life and reliability
  • Proven HeavyDuty design with double-sided bearing setup
  • Precise speed signals for improved process control and process quality
  • Minimizing time and cost-intensive downtime
  • Benefit from more than 60 years of experience of the world market leader

Application of Encoders HOG86 / POG86

  • Steelworks and rolling mills
  • Port installations and crane technology
  • Hoists and lifting platforms
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Large drives and generators
  • Wind turbines

Specifications of Encoders HOG86 / POG86


  HOG 86 HOG 86 M HOG 86 + FSL HOG 86E
Sensing method Optical
Voltage supply and output circuit 5 VDC ±5 %, TTL/RS422, max. 550 m

9 … 30 VDC, TTL/RS422, max. 550 m

9 … 30 VDC, HTL-P/push pull, max. 350 m

Output signals K1, K2, K0 and inverted / Error output (only with EMS)
Shaft type Blind hollow shaft with ø12 mm or ø16 mm Cone shaft 1:10 with ø17 mm
Connection HOG 86 T: Terminal box, turn by 180°

HOG 86 F: Flange connector M23

HOG 86 K: Cable outlet

2× Terminal box (Redundant sensing and signal output, with galvanic insulation) 2× Terminal box (Signal output and switching output) HOG 86E T: Terminal box, turn by 180°

HOG 86E F: Flange connector M23

Pulses per revolution 500 … 5000 500 … 5000 500 … 5000 500 … 2500
Operating temperature –40 … +100 °C

–40 … +90 °C (Cable outlet, cable not moving)

–40 … +100 °C –40 … +100 °C –40 … +100 °C
Operating speed ≤10000 rpm (mechanical)
Range of switching speed 850…4500 rpm

adjusted ex works

Protection IP 66
Max. shaft load ≤350 N axial

≤450 N radial

Explosion protection II 3 G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc (gas), II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc (dust)
Corrosion protection DIN ISO 12944 C4 C4 C4
Materials Housing: Anti-corrosion aluminium alloy Hollow shaft: Stainless steel
Options Hybrid bearing,

Function monitoring EMS

Hybrid bearing,

Function monitoring EMS

Hybrid bearing,

Function monitoring EMS, Redundant sensing system with two terminal boxes