Incremental rotary encoder RHI90N

The hollow shaft encoder RHI90 is a product, which has been developed specially for mechanical drive and lift engineering. It combines the advantages of modern technics and cost effective design.

The hollow shaft encoder is available with shaft diameters between Ø16 mm and Ø45 mm. Thanks to its comparatively small outside diameter it can also be used if only little mounting space is available. The shaft fastening is designed in a way that the shaft of the customer is not being damaged.

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Feature of Incremental rotary encoder RHI90N


  • Compact design housing ∅90 mm
  • Variable hollow shaft from ∅16 mm … ∅45 mm
  • Up to 50,000 ppr
  • Easy shaft clamping
  • Very high resolution and accuracy
  • Optional: Shaft insulation through heavy-duty plastic insulating sleeve

Specifications of Incremental rotary encoder RHI90N

Detection type photoelectric sampling
Pulse count max. 50000
UL File Number E223176
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd 140 a
Mission Time (TM) 20 a
L10 50 E+9 at 1750 rpm
Diagnostic Coverage (DC) 0 %
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 10 … 30 V DC or 5 V DC ± 5 % (see “Output circuit” in the ordering information)
No-load supply current max. 70 mA
Output type push-pull, incremental or RS-422, incremental
(see “Output circuit” in the ordering information)
Voltage drop < 2.5 V (push-pull, incremental)
Load current max. per channel 40 mA , short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected (push-pull, incremental)
max. per channel 20 mA , short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected (RS 422, incremental)
Output frequency max. 200 kHz
Rise time 600 ns
De-energized delay 600 ns
Connector type 9416 (M23), 12-pin, type 9416L (M23), 12-pin
Cable ∅6.5 mm, 4 x 2 x 0.14 mm2, 1 m
Standard conformity
Degree of protection DIN EN 60529, IP65
Climatic testing DIN EN 60068-2-78
Emitted interference EN 61000-6-4:2007/A1:2011
Noise immunity EN 61000-6-2:2005
Shock resistance DIN EN 60068-2-27, 100 g, 6 ms
Vibration resistance DIN EN 60068-2-6, 10 g, 10 … 2000 Hz
Approvals and certificates
UL approval cULus Listed, General Purpose, Class 2 Power Source
Maximum permissible ambient temperature max. 60 °C (max. 140 °F)
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature -5 … 70 °C (23 … 158 °F) , movable cable
-20 … 70 °C (-4 … 158 °F), fixed cable
Storage temperature -40 … 80 °C (-40 … 176 °F)