Solar Smart Micro Inverter MaySun 300-500W

Solar smart micro inverter MaySun 300W to 500W is a compact and intelligent device designed for small-scale solar energy applications. The smart micro inverter typically has a power output ranging from 300W to 500W. The MaySun 300-500W solar smart micro inverter includes MaySun 300W, MaySun 350W, MaySun 400W, MaySun 450W, and MaySun 500W.

  • When the inverter tracks the maximum power point of the solar panel, it will automatically be locked and with stable output 4 independent MPPT (MPPT)
  • Build-in intelligent WIFI communication function APP monitoring
  • Standard MC4 input port, easy and safe installation
  • Integration AC output port
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Features of Solar Smart Micro Inverter

  • Series model: MaySun300W -500W
  • Power: 300W-500W
  • Input voltage: 22-60V
  • Output voltage: 90-140V/180-260V
  • AC frequency: Auto
  • Communication: WIFI
  • Certificate: CE/ROHS/REACH
  • Unit size: 20.5cm x 18cm x 4cm
  • Unit weight: 0.83kg
  • Box size: 21.8cm x 20.8cm x 10.1cm
  • Box G.W: 1.25kg
  • Carton size: 53.5cm x 22.7cm x 46.3cm
  • Carton G.W: 13.2kg(10pcs)

Applications of MaySun 300-500W

  • Home system
  • Ground power station
  • Wind power station
  • Communication station
  • Commercial roof
  • outdoor farm

Solar Smart Micro Inverter


Specification of Solar Smart Micro Inverter

Model MaySun300 MaySun350 MaySun400 MaySun450 MaySun500
Input Data(DC,PV)
Number of Input MC4 Connector 1set
MPPT Voltage Range 28V-55V
Operation Voltage Range 20V-60V
Maximum Input Voltage 60V
Startup Voltage 20V
Maximum Input Current 10A 11.66A 13.33A 15.33A 16.66A
Output Data(AC)
Single-Phase Grid Type 120V  / 230V
Rated Output Power 295W 330W 380W 430W 480W
Maximum Output Power 300W 350W 400W 450W 500W
Nominal Output Current @120VAC 2.5A 2.75A 3.16A 3.58A 4A
@230VAC 1.3A 1.43A 1.65A 1.86A 2.09A
Nominal Output Voltage 120VAC / 230VAC
Default Output Voltage Range @120VAC : 80V-160V / @230VAC : 180V-280V
Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Default Output Frequency Range @50Hz : 47.5Hz-52.5Hz / @60Hz : 57.5Hz-62.5Hz
Power Factor >0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion THD <5%
Peak Efficiency 95%
CEC Weighted Efficiency @120VAC : 92.5% / @230VAC : 93.5%
Nominal MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
Night Power Consumption <700mW
Mechanical Data
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 18cm x 20.5cm x 4cm
Weight 0.83kg
Max Current of AC Bus Cable 20A
Waterproof Grade IP65
Cooling Mode Natural Convection – No Fan
Other Features
Communication WIFI With Cloud Monitoring
Transformer Design High-Frequency Transformers, Galvanically Isolated
Integrated Ground Equipment ground is provided by the PE in the AC cable. No additional ground is required.
Protection Functions Isolated Island Protection, Voltage Protection, Frequency Protection, Temperature
Design Compliance CE etc.

Packing List

Packing list of Solar Smart Micro Inverter MaySun 300-500W