800W 220V AC Micro Inverter Single Phase – Silver

The 800W AC Micro Inverter is designed for on-grid tie solar systems and features an IP65 waterproof design. It provides a 230VAC output, includes an RS232 Port, and operates with a wide voltage range of 22-50VDC. This GTB series micro inverter stands out with its high-efficiency Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, smart Wi-Fi module, and multiple security measures. Installation is straightforward, and it delivers reliable performance. Moreover, it can be integrated with a state-of-the-art smart home monitoring system (Smart Life app), enabling Internet of Things (IoT) intelligence for online monitoring and control.
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Features of AC Micro Inverter

  • Exceptional Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimal performance.
  • Capability for power transmission in reverse.
  • Comprehensive input and output isolation for enhanced electrical safety.
  • Accommodates multiple parallel stackings for increased capacity.
  • Utilizes a digital control system for precise management.
  • User-friendly maintenance, making it easy for users to service.
  • Cost-effective operation and maintenance.
  • Offers versatility in installation options.

dimension of 800w ac micro inverter

Applications of AC Micro inverter

  • Deliver eco-friendly and sustainable power for residential electricity needs.
  • Transform solar energy harnessed from solar panels into alternating current to meet the commercial electricity demands of shopping malls, factories, and various industrial settings.
  • Support agricultural operations by providing power for irrigation systems and livestock facilities.
  • Offer essential electricity support for individuals who rely on electrical appliances.
  • Contribute to municipal engineering projects, including road lighting systems.
  • Utilize solar energy for lighting, promoting energy efficiency and reducing emissions.
  • Solar System on-gird

Cases of 800W AC micro inverter application


Model GTB-800
Maximum input power 2*400W
Number of DC input connections (groups) MC4*2
Maximum DC input voltage 50V
Operating voltage range 18V-50V
Start-up voltage 18V
MPPT Tracking Range 24-40V
MPPT Tracking accuracy >99.5%
Maximum DC input current 12
Rated power output 780W
Maximum output power 800W
Rated output voltage 230V
Output voltage range @120VAC : 80V-160V  /  @230VAC : 180V-280V
Rated AC current (at 230V) 3.4A
Rated output frequency 50Hz  /  60Hz
Output frequency range (Hz) @50Hz : 47.5Hz-52.5Hz   /  @60Hz : 57.5Hz-62.5Hz
THD ﹤5%
Power factor ﹥99%
Maximum number of branch circuit connections @120VAC : 4 units   /  @230VAC : 7 units
Maximum conversion efficiency 94%
CEC efficiency @120VAC : 92.5%  /  @230VAC : 93.5%
Night losses <700mW
Protection Function
Over/under voltage protection Yes
Over/under frequency protection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Overcurrent protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Protection class IP65
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +65℃
Indicator lights quantity Working status LED light *1 + Wifi signal led light *1
Communication(Inverter to DataBox) 2.4G Wireless
Cooling method Natural Convection – No Fans
Working environment temperature Indoor and outdoor
Certification standards EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3,EN62109-2,EN55032,
General information
Dimensions(L*W*H) 185mm x 180mm x 38.5mm (not include connectors and cable)
Net Weight 1.5 kg


package of 800W ac micro inverter