Micro Inverter WVC 600 WVC 700

The WVC 600 micro inverter and WVC 700 micro inverter consist of individual micro-inverters designed to efficiently convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and seamlessly feed it into the public grid.

The configuration involves installing one micro-inverter for every pair of PV modules. Each micro-inverter functions independently, ensuring that each PV module reaches its maximum power generation. This design empowers users to directly monitor the efficiency of each PV module array, consequently boosting the system’s flexibility and reliability.

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Features of Micro Inverter WVC 600 WVC 700

  • The maximum output power can reach 600W/700W/.
  • Peak efficiency 92.70%.
  • The CEC weighted efficiency is 92.50%.
  • Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%.
  • The efficiency of dynamic MPPT on cloudy days is 99.76%.
  • Power factor (adjustable) 0.8 lead…0.8 lag.
  • External antenna for stronger communication with WiFi sources.
  • High reliability: NEMA 3R(IP65) enclosure. 6000 V surge protection.
  • The sub-list display can control up to 60 devices at the same time
  • Independent one machine and one secret make the system more secure
  • Modular functions can be embedded into smart home systems
  • The ultra-long-distance communication module has a transmission range of up to 1 km
  • Intelligent IoT monitoring system (built-in WiFi data terminal)
  • Multi-platform adaptation of smart mobile devices (Android/IOS)

Overview feature of wvc 600 wvc 700 micro inverter

dimension of wvc 600 wvc 700


Model WVC 600w Micro-Grid Inverter WVC 700 Micro Inverter
DC Input
Common module power (W) Max 2×375W Max 2x435W
Peak Power MPPT Voltage Range (V) 30-60
Start-up voltage (V) 22
Operating Voltage Range (V) 22-60
Maximum input voltage (V) 60
Maximum input current (A) 2X14 2X16
Maximum input short-circuit current (A) 2X16 2X18
Maximum back feed current to array (A) 0
AC Output
Rated output power (VA) 600 700
Rated output current (A) @120V 5A

@230V 2.6A


@230V 3.1A

Nominal Output Voltage/Range (V) @120V 85-160VAC

@230V 180-265VAC

Nominal Frequency/Range (Hz) @120V 48-51Hz/58-61Hz

@230V 48-51Hz/58-61Hz

Power factor > 0.99 default

0.8 leading…0.8 lagging

Output current harmonic distortion <3%
Maximum unit per branch @120V6 PCs

@230V 12Pcs

@120V6 PCs

@230V 12Pcs


Applications of WVC 600 Micro Inverter & Micro inverter WVC 700

  • Supply clean and environmentally responsible power for residential electricity demands.
  • Transform solar energy harnessed from solar panels into alternating current to fulfill the commercial electricity needs of shopping centers, factories, and various industrial operations.
  • Facilitate agricultural applications, including powering irrigation systems and livestock shelters.
  • Offer essential electrical support for individuals depending on electrical appliances.
  • Played a role in civil engineering endeavors, such as road lighting systems for municipalities.
  • Harness solar energy for lighting, advancing energy efficiency and emissions reduction.

System diagram of micro inverter wvc 600 wvc 700

Description of the connector and cable core of the WVC 600 micro inverter and WVC 700 micro inverter

Discription of the connector and cable core of the wvc 600 wvc 700 micro inverter

Packing list

packing list of wvc 600 wvc 700