WVC Micro Inverter MaySun Series 300/600/1200W

This Solar WVC Micro Inverter consists of an array of micro-inverters that convert direct current (DC) to alternating current(AC) and feed it into the public grid. The system is designed to install one micro-inverter for every two PV modules. Each micro-inverter works independently, ensuring that each PV module has maximum power generation. This setup enables the user to directly control the efficiency of the individual PV module arrays, increasing the flexibility and availability of the system’s dependability.

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Features of WVC Micro Inverter

  • MPPT(maximum power point tracking), effectively tracks and locks the maximum power output of solar panels.
  • When the inverter tracks the maximum power point of the solar panel, it will automatically be locked and with stable output.
  • 4 independent MPPT(MPPT).
  • Standard MC4 input port, easy and safe installation.
  • Integration AC output port.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Anti-islanding protection function: The inverter will automatically stop output when the utility grid is off or at fault.
  • Over-temperature protection, short current protection, and overload protection.
  • IP65 waterproof function.

Applications of WVC Micro Inverter

  • Provide clean and environmentally friendly energy for household electricity
  • Shopping malls, factories, etc., convert the solar energy collected by solar panels into alternating current for commercial electricity
  • Agriculture, e.g. powering irrigation systems and livestock houses
  • Power support for people who use electrical appliances
  • In the road lighting system of municipal engineering
  • Convert solar energy into electricity for lighting, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

WVC Micro Inverter

Specification of WVC Micro Inverter


Input Data(DC)

WVC-1200W WVC- 600W WVC-300W
Recommend PV modules 300W×4pcs 300W×2pcs 300W×1pcs

Maximum DC input voltage

MPPT voltage range 25-40V
Operation voltage range 22-50V
One-way maximum input current 20A


MaySun 1200W MaySun 600W MaySun 300W
@120VAC @230VAC @120VAC @230VAC @120VAC @230VAC
Peak power output 1200Watt 600Watt 300Watt
Rated output power 1150Watt 1150Watt 600Watt 6000Watt 300Watt 300Watt
Rated output current 9.58A 5A 4.8A 2.4A 3.2A 1.6A
Rated voltage range 90-160VAC 180-260VAC 90-160VAC 180-260VAC 90-160VAC 180-260VAC
Rated frequency range 50Hz/60Hz Auto
Power factor >98%
Maximum units per branch 3pcs (single phase) 5pcs (single phase) 6pcs (single phase) 10pcs (single phase) 12pcs (single phase) 20pcs (single phase)
Permission Max-current per branch 30A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 370mm×305mm×38mm 289mm×200mm×38mm
Weight 2.85KG 1.5KG 0.85KG

Project Case Display

WVC Micro Inverter project case photos