GTB 800 Photovoltaic Micro Inverter

The GT800 photovoltaic micro-inverter takes advantage of MPPT technology, delivering a power generation boost of over 25% thanks to precise Maximum PowerPoint Tracking. Experience the convenience of wireless control and monitoring through WiFi or a mobile app, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

Safety is a priority as the microinverter allows independent component control and comes with IP66 protection against rainwater. Installation is a breeze, with options to mount it behind the module or on a bracket.

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  • MPPT Advancement: The GTB 800 Photovoltaic Micro Inverter with OS12 monitoring incorporates advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. This sophisticated algorithm optimizes solar module energy collection by precisely detecting and capturing sunlight, effectively locking onto peak power points. This leads to a remarkable increase in power generation, surpassing 25%.
  • Wireless Control: These micro-inverters offer wireless operational and monitoring capabilities through WiFi or a mobile app, significantly boosting overall system efficiency.
  • Safety Guarantee: Micro-inverters ensure safety through the independent control of individual components, mitigating potential risks and accidents. Their IP66 protection rating effectively shields them from rainwater damage. Parallel connections further minimize safety hazards, ensuring high-quality and secure operation.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Micro-inverters can be easily installed directly behind the module or on a bracket for convenient maintenance. They support stackable connections, feature high-precision phase detection, and include protection mechanisms for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, under-frequency, and islanding. These inverters require minimal maintenance, typically only necessitating occasional dust removal from the photovoltaic module.


  • Eco-Friendly Household Power: Supplying clean and environmentally friendly energy for residential electricity needs.
  • Commercial Electricity Generation: Converting solar energy collected by solar panels into alternating current to fulfill the commercial electricity requirements of shopping malls, factories, and various industrial facilities.
  • Agricultural Empowerment: Enabling agricultural applications, such as powering irrigation systems and livestock shelters.
  • Electrical Appliance Support: Providing essential electricity support for individuals relying on electrical appliances.
  • Civic Engineering Contribution: Contributing to municipal engineering projects, including road lighting systems.
  • Lighting with Solar Energy: Harnessing solar energy for lighting to promote energy efficiency and reduce emissions, aligning with conservation goals.


 Model GTB-800
 DC Input 16-50VDC
 AC Output 110V or 230VAC
 mppt tracking voltage 25-35v
 Waterproof grade IP66
 AC wire length/wire diameter 2m/3*1.5 square
 Output Frequency 48-60HZ
 Number of solar panels connected Double group 2*100-400W
 Communication Method/APP Bluetooth/WIFI-TUYA
 Size 31*18.5*4.4(CM)
 Net weight 2.0 (KG)
 Gross weight 2.7(KG)
 Single machine packaging 34*24*9.5(CM)