Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter MaySun 1200W-B

The Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter is generally referred to as the inverter with a power of less than 1500 watts in the photovoltaic power generation system. The full name is the miniature photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. “Micro” is compared to traditional centralized inverter. Traditional way of photovoltaic inverter is to all of the pv cells in parallel of sunlight to generate direct current (dc) all together, and then through a inverter dc to ac inverters connected to the electricity grid; The micro inverter inverts each component. Its advantage is can undertake independent MPPT control for each component, can significantly improve the overall efficiency, but also can avoid the centralized inverter some dc high voltage apparatus, poor effect of weak light, barrel effect, etc.

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  •  MPPT(maximum power point tracking),effectively track and lock maximum power output of solar panels.
  •  When the inverter track the maximum power point of the solar panel, it will automatically locked and with stable output.
  •  4 independent MPPT(MPPT).
  •  standard MC4 input port,easy and safe installation.
  • Integration AC output port.
  •    Pure sine wave output.
  •  anti-islanding protection function:inverter will automatically stop output when the utility grid off or fault.
  •  Over-temperature protection, short current protection and over-load protection.
  • IP65 waterproof function.


  • Provide clean and environmentally friendly energy for household electricity
  • Shopping malls, factories, etc., convert the solar energy collected by solar panels into alternating current for commercial electricity
  • Agriculture, e.g. powering irrigation systems and livestock houses
  • Power support for people who use electrical appliances
  • In the road lighting system of municipal engineering
  • Convert solar energy into electricity for lighting, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.




Input Data(DC) MaySun-1200W
Recommend PV modules 300W×4pcs
Maximum DC input voltage 50V
MPPT voltage range 25-40V/14-20V
Operation voltage range 10.5-30V/22-50V
One way maximum input current 20A
Output Data(AC) @120VAC @230VAC
Peak power output 1200Watt 1200Watt
Rated output power 1150Watt 1150Watt
Rated output current 9.58A 5A
Rated voltage range 90-160VAC 180-260VAC
Rated frequency range 50Hz/60Hz Auto 50Hz/60Hz Auto
Power factor >98% >98%
Maximum units per branch 3pcs(single phase) 5pcs(single phase)
Permission Max-current per branch 30A 30A
Efficiency @120VAC @230VAC
MPPT efficiency 99.5% 99.5%
Maximum output efficiency 92% 92%
Night power consumption <50mW Max <70mW Max
Ambient temperature range -40℃ to +60℃
Operation temperature range(inverter inside) -40℃ to +82℃
Dimensions (WxHxD) 370mm×305mm×38mm
Weight 2.85kg
Waterproof rating IP65
Cooling Natural convection – No fans
Power transmission mode Reverse transfer, load priority
Electromagnetic compatibility EN50081.part1   EN50082.part1
Grid disturbance EN61000-3-2 Safety EN62109
Grid detection DIN VDE 1026 UL1741
Inner box Dimensions 425×370×115mm
Unit G.W. 4KG
Carton Dimensions 435x380x240mm
Carton G.W. 8.6KG