NTL 500-F Electric Cabinet Heater with CE NTL500-F

The compact high-performance NTL 500-F Electric Cabinet Heater prevents formation of condensation and frost and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic components.

The heater may only be operated together with fan, but is also available without axial fan (for self-installation). The fan heaters are available with two
different mounting systems – either mounting by screw fixing or with a new and unique twist clip mounting system.

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  • Pressure clamp connectors
  • Dynamic heating up
  • Wide voltage range
  • Energy saving
  • Clip fixing, Quick installation



Technical Data

Operating voltage 230VAC or 120VAC
Heating element PTC
Temperature safety cut-out with automatic reset and second-tier one shot fuse

to protect against overheating in case of fan failure

Axial fan, ball bearing airflow 150m³/h, free flow. service life 50,000h at +25°C (+77°F)
Connection 3-pole dual pressure clamp for rigid wire 2.5mm², stranded wire (with wire

end ferrule) 1.5mm²

Casing plastic according to UL94 V-0, black
Mounting clip for 35mm DIN rail, EN 60715
Fitting position vertical airflow (air outlet up)
Dimensions 169 x 127 x 89mm
Weight approx. 1.3kg
Operating/Storage temperature -45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)
Operating/Storage humidity max. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection class IP20 / heater: II (double insulated); fan: I (earthed)
Type Art. No.clip fixing Heating Capacity Operating Voltage
With 230VAC Fan 860268 200W 120VAC,50/60Hz
860269 300W
860270 400W
860271 500W
860272 600W
860273 700W
860274 800W
860275 900W
860276 1000W
860277 1200W
Type Art. No.clip fixing Heating Capacity Operating Voltage
With 120VAC Fan 860278 200W 120VAC,50/60Hz
860279 300W
860280 400W
860281 500W
860282 600W
860283 700W
860284 800W
860285 900W
860286 1000W
860287 1200W