PEVC2201 Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Wall Mounted 7-22KW

A Electric Vehicle Charging Pile is a device used to charge electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, or power tools. They are usually connected to the electricity network in order to provide electrical energy to charge the batteries of electric vehicles.

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  • TUV marked, the high-standard confidence guarantee
  • MID Meter can manage your EV Charger parameters the most precise and communicate with your power grid system

Easy Operation

  • Provide the mostly friendly payment choise, such as RFID / Credit Card / Apps etc
  • Provide a fantastic charging operation experience

Safety and protection

  • Comply with the latest leakage protection standard
  • Multiple protection to ensure the users safety
  • IP55 & IK10 (display is IK08)
  • EMC comply with Class B


  • Rail-installation function start your wonderful use-ex- perience from the first of using EV Charger
  • Intelligent error diagnosis



  • Service station operators
  • Public corridor charging along the highways
  • Busy urban areas
  • Commercial fleet operators
  • EV Infrastructure operator and EVSE providers


Model PEVC2201E (7-22KW) PEVC2201U (7KW)


Input Parameters

Power Supply 1P+N+PE 3P+N+PE 1P+N+PE
Rated voltage 230VAC±10% 400VAC±10% 240VAC±10%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz



Output Parameters

Number of output ports 1
Rated voltage 230VAC±10% 400VAC±10% 230VAC±10%
Rated current 16A or 32A
Rated power 7.4kW 11kW or 22kW 7.4kW







Electrical protection Over/under voltage protection,Over current protection, Short circuit protection, Over temperature protection,Lightning protection,ground protection
RCD Type A + 6mA DC
Protection level IP55
Impact protection IK10 (display is IK08)
Certification CE
Standards IEC61851-1,IEC62196-1/2,SAE J1772-2017



Operating temperature –30°C~+50°C
Storage temperature –40°C~+80°C
Altitude ≤2000m
Humidity ≤95%,non-condensing








Basic parameters

Energy Metering Accuracy Class 1.0 energy meter
HMI 4.3 inch LCD
Plug cable length 5m
Communication Bluetooth/WiFi/ Ethernet/ 4G LTE(Optional)
Protocol OCPP-1.6 (JSON)
Connector type Type 2 Type 1
Installation method Wall-mount/column-mount
Shell color Metallic grey
Shell material (ABS+PC)-Blend
Start mode Plug&play/RFID card/APP