Schneider Electric PM8000 Multi Channel Meter

The Schneider Electric PM8000 Multi-Channel Meter (PowerLogic PM8000 series meter) is a small, low-cost multifunction power meter that will assist you in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your power-critical facility. Make complex power quality conditions visible and understandable. Measure, comprehend, and take action based on intelligent data obtained from your whole power system. The PowerLogic PM8000 series meter is made for important metering sites in your energy infrastructure, and it can handle almost any task you need a meter to do, anywhere you need it!

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  • High-precision energy metering: IEC 61557-12 PDM-S, IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S
  • synchronization of time
  • Support for several tariffs
  • WAGES metering assistance
  • IEC 61000-4-30 class S, IEC 62586, EN 50160, IEEE 519, and PQ compliance monitoring are examples of PQ analytical capabilities. detection of dips and swells, waveform recording, direction of disturbance detection, trending, and forecasting
  • Protocols: DNP3, IEC 61850, Modbus
  • Ports: Ethernet-to-serial gateway, dual-port Ethernet, and RS-485
  • graphical, color display
  • Adaptable, onboard website
  • suitable with low voltage DC control power systems ranging from 20 to 60 volts


Intermediate meter
Use on LV and MV systems n
Current accuracy (5A Nominal) 0.1 % reading
Voltage accuracy (57 V LN/100 V LL to 400 V LN/690 V LL) 0.1 % reading
Active energy accuracy 0.2 %
Number of samples/cycle or sample frequency 256
Instantaneous rms values
Current, voltage, frequency n
Active, reactive, apparent power Total and per phase n
Power factor Total and per phase n
Current measurement range (autoranging) 0.05 –10A
Energy values
Active, reactive, apparent energy n
Settable accumulation modes n
Demand values
Current Present and max values n
Active, reactive, apparent power Present and max values n
Predicted active, reactive, apparent power n
Synchronisation of the measurement window n
Setting of calculation mode Block, sliding n
Power quality measurements
Harmonic distortion Current and voltage n
Individual harmonics Via front panel and Web page 63
Via StruxureWare software 127
Waveform capture n
Detection of voltage swells and sags n
Fast acquisition 1/2 cycle data n
EN 50160 compliance checking n
Customisable data outputs (using logic and math functions) n
Data recording
Min/max of instantaneous values n
Data logs n
Event logs n
Trending/forecasting n
SER (Sequence of event recording) n
Time stamping n
GPS synchronisation (+/- 1 ms) n
Memory (in Mbytes) 512
Display and I/O
Front panel display n
Wiring self-test n
Pulse output 1
Digital or analog inputs(max) 27 digital

16 analog

Digital or analog outputs (max, including pulse output) 1 digital

8 relay

8 analog

RS 485 port 1
Ethernet ports 2
Serial port (modbus, ION, DNP3) n
Ethernet port (modbus/TCP, ION TCP, DNP3 TCP, IEC 61850) n
Ethernet gateway n
HTTP Web server n
SNMP with custom MIB and traps for alarms n
SMTP email n
NTP time synchronisation n