TD7800 Electro Pneumatic Transducer

The Model TD7800 Series converts a DC input signal to a linear proportional pneumatic output. It includes the Primary Converting Section and the pneumatic Relay Section. The Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuator,in the Primary Converting Section, functions as a Flapper. The Flapper and Nozzle work together to control the signal pressure. The signal pressure that sets the output pressure acts on the Upper Control Diaphragm in the Pneumatic Relay Section. The Lower Control Diaphragm in the Pneumatic Relay Section senses the output pressure.

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Feature of TD7800 Electro Pneumatic Transducer

  • Field Reversible Feature provides output that is inversely proportional to input signal.
  • RFI/EMI Protection eliminates susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio interference.
  • Internal Electronic Feedback and solid state controlled Piezoelectric Actuator provide precise control of output pressure regardless of vibration or position.
  • Damping Adjustment for optimum tuning response.
  • Split range operation lets a common signal source control two or more functions.
  • Compact size for use in restricted spaces.
  • Various mounting configurations allow installation flexibility for most applications.
  • NEMA 4X, Type 4 Enclosure and IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor installations.

Specification of TD7800 Electro Pneumatic Transducer