TN Series Autonics Temperature Controller

The Autonics Temperature Controller TN series offer high-precision temperature control with a two-degree- of-freedom PID algorithm, a high-speed sampling speed of 50 ms, and ±0.2% measurement accuracy. The temperature controllers feature simultaneous heating and cooling control, group PID, zone PID control, and anti-reset windup functions for optimal temperature control in various applications.

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  • 2-DOF PID algorithm optimized for various control applications
  • 50ms high-speed sampling rate and ±0.2% display accuracy
  • Program control and fixed control models available

– Up to 10 patterns x 20 steps program setting (program control model)

– Timer function for preset operation (fixed control model)

  • Simultaneous heating/cooling and automatic/manual control function
  • Control functions: Group PID, Zone PID, Anti Reset Windup (ARW)
  • Control status monitoring of up to 10 events
  • RS485 communication output model available

– Communication protocols: Modbus RTU/ASCII, PLC ladder-less, Sync-Master

– Communication speed: up to 115,200bps

  • Heater burnout alarm function (CT input)
  • Parameter setting via PC

– Comprehensive Device Management Software (DAQMaster) provided

– Communication converter connection with front loader port (TNH, TNL only)

  • Shortcut key setting with front user key button (U)
  • Easy maintenance with detachable terminal blocks