Multispan UTC-221P Digital PID Temperature Controller

Digital PID Temperature Controller is a device used to control temperature. It can monitor the temperature of the environment and adjust and control it according to a preset temperature range. Thermostats are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and domestic applications to control heating, air conditioning, and other temperature-related devices. It ensures that the environment remains within the desired temperature range, providing a comfortable and safe environment.

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  • 3 + 3 Digit , 7 Segment LED Display
  • Universal input TC/RTD
  • Auto /Self tuning
  • Heating PID / Cooling (Relay || SSR)


Control Type PID/On-Off
Display Type 3 Digit/7 Segment
Accuracy +-1% of FSD +- 1 Degree Celsius
Temperature Range 55 Degree Celsius
Input Type Thermocouple:(J,K)RTDPT-100)
Dimension 96X96X52 mm (H X W X D)
Relay Type 1C/O NO-C-NC
Rating 5A@230VAC/28VDCResistiveLoad
Output Signal 12V DC, 30mA DC
Operating Temperture 55 Degree Celsius
Relative Humidity UP to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Power Consuption 4VA
Protection Level IP-65
Panel Cutout 92 X 92 mm (H X W)
ADC Resolution 10 Bits
Sample Rate 6 Sample/Sec
Sensor Burnout Current 1.10 uA
RTD Excitation Curren 0.2mA
CMRR 120db
Input Impedance 1M
Proportional Band 0000 to999.9
Integral Time 0000 to999.9
Derivative Time 0000 to999.9
Relay 1 Nos.
Sensor J/K/PT-100 2W/33W
Output Singal 12V DC, 30mA DC
Model Number UTC 221P
Brand Multispan
Minimum Order Quantity 10