BJ-S Industrial Temperature Controller

BJ-S Industrial temperature controller is a digital temperature protection relay that can replace the traditional bimetallic control switch, designed to automatically control the install enclosure inside temperature & humidity variation within a specific range. This temperature protection relay can be used in the worst environment for long-term use because of its reliable design. This thermostat relay is the ideal product to protect the normal efficient operation of electric equipment and to reduce cost.

It is with LED / LCD display and an optional RS485 communication port for remote monitoring. Optional customized control logic design can be used in other places that need temperature and humidity control.

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  • Standard panel size 48x48mm / 72x72mm
  • Optional 35mm DIN rail (only 48X48mm mode)
  • 0.39″ height LED, prevent dazzle, highly visible display
  • Heat/Fan control mode free to the configuration


Power Supply 85V~265VAC/DC 50Hz
Optional 24/48DC
Power consumption <5VA
Input signal channel Max 2 channels
Temperature sensor NTC (-20~99C) or customer request
Humidity sensor Digital type (0~99RH) or customer request
Sampling ratio 400ms
Load control channel Max 2 channels
250VAC, 5A (10A optional)
Analog Outputs (Optional) 1 channel Isolated
0 / 4 … 20 mA
Alarms Outputs (Optional) 1 channel DO
230 VAC  5 A
Communication Port (Optional) RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode