S-WSK Temperature Controller

S-WSK Temperature Controller is an intelligent temperature and humidity controller with a completed FUZZY algorithm. This temperature humidity controller provides a very precise temperature and humidity monitor. The FUZZY algorithm controls the fan or heater to maintain sensible & latent capacity following the temperature and humidity curve automatically.

The display unit can show environment humidity as per configure by the user. The user also can adjust environmental conditions very easily.

This temperature and humidity controller accepts customized control logic modification details, please contact our sales team.

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  • Digital thermostat with 2 control ports for fan & heater
  • 3 digital or 4 digital LED screens for temperature and humidity value
  • Sensor length max 10meter (default 3meter)
  • Minimal size 48*48mm panel mounting, optional Din-rail mounting rack


Power Supply 85V~265VAC/DC 50Hz
Optional 24/48DC
Power consumption <5VA
Input signal channel Max 2 channels
Temperature sensor NTC (-20~99C) or customer request
Humidity sensor Digital type (0~99RH) or customer request
Sampling ratio 400ms
Load control channel Max 2 channels
250VAC, 5A (10A optional)
Communication Port (Optional) RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode

Recommended Models

S-W1S1-K2 Size:48*48*72mm
One channel temperature detect & control
One channel humidity detect and control
S-W2-K2 Size:48*48*72mm
Two channel temperature detect and control
S-S2-K2 Size:48*48*72mm
Two channel humidity detect and control