W-63 Mini GEYA Automatic Transfer switch

The 400V-rated GATS-W-63 Mini GEYA Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is appropriate for AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz, with a working current of no more than 63A. Selective conversion between two dual power sources is possible with it. In addition to fire, overload, and Undervoltage protection features, the GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) also features double and output closure signal capabilities.

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Features of GEYA Automatic Transfer switch

  • Complete protection functions: Short circuits, overloads, phase loss, and under-voltage
  • Small size, easy installation, simple operation
  • Rated operating current: 6-63A
  • EPS firepower interface
  • Long-distance double split

Applications of GEYA Automatic Transfer switch

The GEYA Automatic Transfer Switch finds application in various scenarios, including Fire-Fighting Equipment, Smoke Extract Fans, Sprinkler Pumps, Emergency Lights and so on.

Specification of GEYA Automatic Transfer switch

Rated operating
current le(A)
6、10、16、20、25、32、40 50、63
Grade of electrical equipment Grade CB
Utilization category AC~33iB
Tripping current 5-10In (type C),10~15In (type D)
Rated operating voltage Ue 220V(2-pole),380V(3-pole,4 poles)
Rated frequency 60Hz
Rated short-circuit-making capacity lcm(peak) 9.18kA 6.615kA
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn (effective value) 10kA 4.5kA