WDB-10 Intelligent Motor Protection Relay

A relay for motor protection is the WDB-10 Intelligent Motor Protection Relay. When a problem arises or the predetermined limit is surpassed, it may immediately switch off the power to prevent harm to the motor. It can also monitor the motor’s state, including current, voltage, temperature, and others.

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Features of WDB-10 Intelligent Motor Protection Relay

  • Functions for monitoring: Phase loss, Current imbalance, Undercurrent, Locked-rotor (Jam), Over-current (definite), Over-current (inverse), and fault on the ground,cut short,One-phase over-voltage, one-phase under-voltage, and overload alert
  • DC4-20 mA analog output, RS485 communication interface, configurable output contact, and auto/manual reset.
  • Separated output contacts, two for trip,one for alarm
  • Integrative or Seperate Structure

Application of Intelligent Motor Protection Relay

Power systems, mechanical equipment, industrial production lines, and motor systems all make extensive use of this intelligent motor protection relay.

Specification of Intelligent Motor Protection Relay

Model WDB-10Z WDB-10F
Structure Integrative Separate
Mounting Panel mounting Flush mounting
Measurement error 1%
Rated supply voltage AC220V,AC380V(±15%),50/60Hz
Current setting 0.3-16A,3-160A,10-999A
Time-current characteristic Definite & inverse selectable
Reset mode Manual / Auto /power cycle
Communication Modbus RTU/RS-485
Output type Trip:1CO,Alarm:1CO
Contact capacity 5A 250VAC,3A 380VAC
Power consumption ≤5VA
Weight 700g
Dimensions for MDB-501Z 101×54×135mm (H x W x D)
Mounting hoze size for MDB-501F 98.5×52mm (H x W)