ZHRT2-E 110v Timer Relay

Multifunctional Time Relay ZHRT2-E AC220V (Size : AC DC24V-240V)

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Applications of ZHRT2-E Time Relay

Used in control cabinets, cabinets, and another electrical control circuit, according to the scheduled time automatically switch on or off the circuit.

Features of ZHRT2-E Time Relay

Built-in microcontrollers, 0.1s ~100h wide delay range, repeat accuracy ≤0.2%. Knob setting, the LED indicator shows the working status. Variety of optional rated voltage. DIN rail mounting.

Specification of ZHRT2-E Time Relay

Rated supply voltage DC12V、AC/DC 24V~240V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption ≤1W
Delay range 0.1s ~ 100h multi-range adjustment
Setting accuracy ≤5%
Repeat accuracy ≤0.2%
Repeat power- on interval ≥ 200ms
Electrical life 105
Mechanical life 106
Altitude ≤2000m
Contact configuration capacity(A) 1C/O:16A ,2C/O:16A,3C/O:8A,2C/0+1 instant C/O:8A+ 16A
IP Class IP20
Class of pollution
Use category AC-15
Contact capacity Ue/le AC240V/1.5A
Contact capacity 1C/0 ,2C/O,3C/O,2C/0+1 instant C/O
Standard Guide width 35mm(IEC/EN60715)