What is the multifunction meter price?

The multifunction meter price can vary widely depending on the brand, model, features, and specifications. Multifunction meters (MFM Meters) measure various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy, and more. Different models cater to different applications, and the price can be influenced by factors such as accuracy, communication capabilities, display type, and additional features. Today, this article will provide the MFM meter price in general.

Common Brands or Suppliers of the Multifunction meter

As you know, there are many brands or suppliers for multifunction meters. Before you know the price of the MFM meter, it is necessary to know the common brands or suppliers of the multifunction meter. Some brands or supplies are listed in the following:

  1. Blue Jay Multifunction Meter
  2. Schneider multifunction meter
  3. Selec multifunction meter
  4. L&t multifunction meter
  5. Elmeasure multifunction meter
  6. Rishabh multifunction meter
  7. Secure multifunction meter
  8. Siemens multifunction meter
  9. Multispan multifunction meter
  10. ABB multifunction meter

Multifunction meter prices of different brands or suppliers

Each brand or supplier has many types of multifunction meters so we can list all prices for you. Therefore, you can get a part of the price of certain types of multifunction meters in the following table. If you want to know, please contact us.

Brand or SupplierModelsPriceQuantity
SchneiderEm6400About $1791 pieces
SelecMFM383a/MFM384selec mfm384 price or selec mfm383a price About $363-5671 pieces
L&TL&T 4410About $1001 Pieces
ElmeasureLG+5310RS485HANGINGCTAbout $501 Pieces
RishabhRISH MASTER 3410-440-MAbout $3051 Pieces
SecureSecure Elite 440-445About $160-$1801 Pieces
ABBEM400-T (5A)About $8201 Pieces
SiemensSMART 7KTAbout $1601 Pieces
Blue JayAMP-96Q(194Q)Price on Request1 Pieces

Note: The MFM meter price is not very precise because some multifunction meters can be customized according to your needs. For example, Blue Jay, a China energy meter manufacturer, can custom multifunction meters for your needs so we only get their products are good quality and low price. Please contact the multifunction meter manufacturer for details.

Multifunction Meter Price List for different brands or suppliers

To help you know the multifunction meter price list in detail, please click and read the following:

schneider multifunction meter price list

elmeasure multifunction meter price list

rishabh multifunction meter price list

selec multifunction meter price list

Multifunction meter with RS485 price

Typically, multi-function instruments with RS485 communication capabilities may be relatively more expensive, because RS485 communication allows the device to communicate data with other devices or monitoring systems, improving device integration and remote monitoring capabilities. RS485 is a communications protocol commonly used in industrial and automation applications, enabling devices to exchange data within a network.

However, the exact price difference depends on various factors, including brand, model, extra features, and specifications. Sometimes, there may be some multi-function meters on the market that do not have RS485 functionality but still have other advanced features, and they may be relatively cheap. Therefore, before purchasing, it is best to contact the supplier or manufacturer to understand the specific prices and features of different models so that you can make an informed choice based on your needs.

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