Delta PLC DVP-SV2 Programmable Logic Controller

The new generation Delta PLC DVP-SV2 PLC is the high-end model of the Delta DVP-S series. It provides larger program capacities and data registers for more demanding and complex applications.

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  • High-speed pulse output: 4 sets of 200kHz pulse output
  • Supports max. 4 hardware 200kHz high-speed counters
  • Increases many motion control instructions to meet the applications that require high-speed and high-precision positioning
  • Offers linear / arc interpolation motion control
  • Provides up to 16 external interrupt pointers


  • Automotive industry, e.g. assembly lines
  • Mechanical equipment manufacture, including special mechanical equipment manufacture
  • Warehousing technology
  • Steel industry
  • Building management systems
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Woodworking
  • Food and beverages industry
  • Process engineering, e.g. water and wastewater utilities
  • Chemicals industry and petrochemicals
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Packaging machinery



Product Name Power Supply Output Method Inputs Outputs Model Name

Delta DVP-SV2 Series Functional Slim PLC

24 VDC Relay 16 12 DVP28SV11R2
24 VDC Transistor 16 12 DVP28SV11T2
24 VDC Transistor (PNP) 16 12 DVP28SV11S2
24 VDC Transistor 10 (2AI) 12 DVP24SV11T2