BJ19D-23S DC Energy Meter With RS485

The BJ-19D-23S DC Energy Meter With RS485 is a combined DC power measurement terminal and a highly integrated DC meter for various DC parameter measurement applications.

  • High accuracy measuring one DC voltage and current (with direction), power, total electricity, each single-way electricity and other electrical parameters
  • Supporting RS485 interface and the MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
  • Connecting with an external DC shunt and a switch output
  • Real-time uploading the measuring data
  • white backlit liquid crystal suitable for reading
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Features of DC Energy Meter With RS485

  • Extremely accurate measurement
  • Compact design, simple installation
  • Typical installation of a 35mm din rail
  • Elevated security: elevated isolation voltage
  • Segment LCD display, separate shunt access, single-phase wiring
  • Robust features for data processing and acquisition
  • Several anti-interference techniques, elevated security
  • LCD screen display: simple to use and intuitive


  • DC Measurement
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Applications
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Genset, Solar and UPS
  • Telecommunication & Data centers
  • DC Energy Management Systems
  • Used in the control panel to measure different electrical loads
  • Renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, wind turbines, & electric vehicle (EV)


Voltage  input
Rated value 0-1000V
Overload Measurement: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times/10s
Impedance >1 kΩ/V
Accuracy Accuracy grade: 0.5%FS
Current  input
Rated value Shunt: conventional 75mV, others need to be specified separately
Overload Measurement: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 10 times/1s
Impedance <100mΩ
Accuracy Accuracy grade: 0.5%FS
Power supply
The scope of work AC/DC85V~265V
Power consumption ≤4VA
Digital interface RS-485,MODBUS-RTU
Pulse output Optional 1 channel active energy pulse output
Working environment -25~55℃,Altitude ≤2000m, 98%RH, no condensation, no corrosive gas
Storage environment -30~75℃
Pressure resistance Input and Power>2kV; Input and Output>2kV; Power and Output>2kV
Insulation Input, output, power supply > 5MΩ to the chassis
Electric energy Active energy level 1
Display LCD with white backlit
Power Accuracy: 0.5%FS



dimension of the DC Energy Meter With RS485


wiring diagram of DC Energy Meter With RS485