BJ-19D-23SDC Energy Meter With RS485

The BJ-19D-23SDC Energy Meter With RS485 “white backlit liquid crystal suitable for reading” is a combined DC power measurement terminal, which is a highly integrated product for DC parameter measurement applications. It can accurately measure 1 DC voltage and 1 DC current (with direction) with an external shunt, power, total electricity, each single-way electricity and other electrical parameters, and can be equipped with a switch output. At the same time, the device has an RS485 interface, supports the MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, and can upload the data collected by the measurement and the status of the equipment. The device can be widely used in electric power, communication, railway, transportation, environmental protection, petrochemical, steel and other industries to monitor the current and power consumption of DC equipment.


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  • High precision measurement
  • Small size, easy installation
  • Standard 35mm rail installation
  • High security: high isolation voltage
  • Single-phase wiring
  • way independent shunt access, segment LCD display
  • Powerful data acquisition and processing functions
  • A variety of anti-interference measures, high security
  • LCD screen display intuitive, easy to operate



  • DC Measurement
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Applications
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Genset, Solar and UPS
  • Telecommunication & Data centers
  • DC Energy Management Systems
  • Used in the control panel to measure different electrical loads
  • Renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, wind turbines, & electric vehicle (EV)



Voltage  input
Rated value 0-1000V
Overload Measurement: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times/10s
Impedance >1 kΩ/V
Accuracy Accuracy grade: 0.5%FS
Current  input
Rated value Shunt: conventional 75mV, others need to be specified separately
Overload Measurement: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 10 times/1s
Impedance <100mΩ
Accuracy Accuracy grade: 0.5%FS
Power supply
The scope of work AC/DC85V~265V
Power consumption ≤4VA
Digital interface RS-485,MODBUS-RTU
Pulse output Optional 1 channel active energy pulse output
Working environment -25~55℃,Altitude ≤2000m, 98%RH, no condensation, no corrosive gas
Storage environment -30~75℃
Pressure resistance Input and Power>2kV; Input and Output>2kV; Power and Output>2kV
Insulation Input, output, power supply > 5MΩ to the chassis
Electric energy Active energy level 1
Display LCD with white backlit
Power Accuracy: 0.5%FS