HD6001 Intelligent Dehumidifier

The HD6001 Intelligent Dehumidifier employs semiconductor technology to control condensation within specific cabinet locations, effectively reducing interior humidity to safe levels. This refrigerant-free cooling device is suitable for use in switchgear, electrical cabinets, control cabinets, outdoor terminal boxes, and more.

Designed with an ultra-compact installation footprint, it offers high-efficiency energy savings and eliminates the need for additional heater and fan wiring. Additionally, it includes a data acquisition module for remote monitoring. It serves as an efficient and reliable replacement for traditional thermostat and heater/fan combinations.

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Features of HD6001 Intelligent Dehumidifier

  • Small size, easy for cabinet inside the installation
  • Quickly reduce the switchgear’s internal humidity, exclude water from the air
  • Condensate water will be drained directly to the outside of the cabinet by the aqueduct
  • Automatic & manual dehumidification mode
  • Free to set temperature/dehumidification start value
  • Real-time sampling temperature and humidity
  • Do not need extra sensor and probe
  • Optional passive output node for an external heater
  • Optional RS485 port

Applications of HD6001 Intelligent Dehumidifier

  • Removes moisture from humid environments and keeps the air dry
  • Used in commercial places to remove moisture from the air and improve indoor comfort
  • Humidity can be adjusted to improve production efficiency
  • Keep the storage environment dry
  • Remove moisture and bacteria from the air to protect people’s health