Wt-h600 Intelligent Anti Condensation Dehumidification Device

The Wt-h600 split semiconductor cooling and dehumidification device uses thermoelectric refrigeration to lower the air’s water molecules below the dew point temperature, effectively achieving dehumidification. Compared to traditional dehumidification methods, it offers advantages such as a compact size, enhanced stability, absence of refrigerants and desiccants, and an environmentally friendly approach.

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Features of Wt-h600 Dehumidification Device

  • Sleek and ultra-thin design.
  • Concealed structural design for a seamless appearance.
  • Incorporates a modular 3D industrial design.
  • Split design for an improved user interface.
  • Ensures separation between the air duct, cold surface, hot surface, and strong current and weak current components.
  • Features airflow extrusion technology, air volume compensation technology, and secondary condensation prevention technology.
  • Remarkable dehumidification efficiency.
  • Offers pre-condensation drainage and various installation options.
  • Utilizes semiconductor cooling elements for refrigeration and dehumidification, promoting environmental sustainability and energy conservation.
  • Provides optional RS485 communication and heating output functions (if selected).
  • Convenient, safe, and reliable with both AC and DC control power supply options.
  • Automatically initiates defrost and drainage in low ambient temperatures.

Specification of Wt-h600 Dehumidification Device

  • Operating Environment: Temperature: -30°C to 70°C, Relative Humidity: 18% to 98% RH.
  • Error Margin: Temperature: ±1°C, Humidity: ±3% RH.
  • Power Supply Range: 85V to 305V AC, Frequency: 47Hz to 440Hz.
  • Dehumidification Environment: Temperature between 0°C and 50°C, Relative Humidity below 95% RH.
  • Drainage Method: Continuous hose drainage.
  • Dimensions: Dehumidification Unit (Height: 200mm, Width: 129mm, Thickness: 56mm); Intelligent Dehumidification Controller (Height: 43mm, Width: 93mm, Thickness: 36mm);
  • Embedded Door Panel Opening Size for the Intelligent Dehumidification Controller (Height: 40mm, Width: 90mm).
  • Weight: 1.95kg.
  • Installation Options: Multiple installation methods (please refer to the wt-h600 installation instructions).
  • The dehumidification device’s Rated Power is 60W.
  • Noise Level: Less than or equal to 40dB (A-weighted).