ATCS-260 Intelligent Cabinet Dehumidifier

The ATCS260 Intelligent Cabinet Dehumidifier utilizes a semiconductor refrigeration dehumidification method. In this process, the fan draws humid air from the enclosed space into the dehumidification duct, where the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism condenses the water vapor in the air into liquid water.
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Features of the ATCS-260 Cabinet Dehumidifier

  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Optional automatic/manual dehumidification function, adjustable temperature, and dehumidification start settings.
  • Active dehumidification ducts induce condensation, and heated air is used to dehumidify discharged gas.
  • A real-time 24-hour sampling of humidity and temperature with the ability to automatically initiate condensation when levels exceed the set start values.
  • Settings for humidity and temperature come with a memory function, ensuring they are retained even during power outages.
  • Error display function quickly identifies issues for normal operation.
  • Utilizes specialized moisture-resistant components for reliable performance in humid environments.
  • Incorporates shielding and isolation technology to meet GB/T17626-2008 level 3 standards, ensuring operation in strong electromagnetic fields.
  • The dehumidification-induced condensation pipeline can discharge water outside the cabinet or collect it in an external storage bag.
  • Optional communication function for remote control/adjustment of operational parameters and fault reporting.
  • Intermittent fan activation creates strong air convection, enhancing dehumidification efficiency.
  • Automatic fan defrosts function when the temperature drops below 5 degrees to prevent low-temperature frost and extend the device’s lifespan.
  • Internal power supply monitoring with alarms for abnormal power supply issues.

Specification of the ATCS-260 Cabinet Dehumidifier

Power ≤60W
Dehumidification capacity 450±10%ml/Day(≥35℃,RH=90%)
Dehumidification space ≤1.5M³
Applicable cabinet Switchgear, middle cabinet, ring network cabinet, terminal box electric cabinet, etc.
Operating ambient temperature -25℃~65℃
Operating environment humidity ≤95%RH
Measuring range 0%RH~99%RH
Measurement accuracy ±5%RH
Working threshold 60%RH(default, adjustable)
Display method 3-digit digital tube display
Drainage method Hose drainage
Mounting method Bracket mounting, rail mounting or strong magnetic fixing
Housing material Metal aluminum
Working power AC/DC85V~265V
Communication method RS485
Main body dimension L157mm*W67mm*H136mm

External Dimensions of ATCS-260 Cabinet Dehumidifier 

The ATCS-260 Intelligent Cabinet Dehumidifier has external dimensions measuring L157mm*W67mm*H136mm. This industrial dehumidifier can be easily installed using brackets with installation holes spaced 87-93mm apart, and a 6mm installation diameter. For din rail installation, it utilizes the standard 35mm rail.