HOP’s DDZY 1737C DC Multi Channel Meter

The DC multi channel meter from HOP has a high measurement accuracy of class 1.0 and is widely used in telecom, solar, and industrial applications. Its range is 12V DC to 1000V DC and 10A DC to 600A DC.

A 6-channel DC smart energy meter with the model number DDZY 1737C-DC is mostly used in telecom cabinet air conditioners to measure the DC power produced by solar power systems or other DC power supply systems. In order to ensure that the current circuit is not disrupted or cut off, open loop clamp type Hall sensors are utilized in conjunction with DC energy meters for simple and quick installation at the site.

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  • It is possible to measure current monthly usage and current combined energy consumption individually.
  • Calculate the power and voltage of the DC current.
  • Keep track of and sound an alert for power failures due to under- or overvoltage.
  • Monthly automatic reading with the most recent 24 months of data saved
  • The information on the current power consumption time (year, month, day, hour, minute, and second) will be saved once every minute, with a maximum of 1500 records per item.
  • Store monthly frozen energy with a 24-record storage capacity.
  • Capture and preserve the most recent 500 alarm entries.
  • Local storage feature to prevent loss of energy data
  • The RS485 port can be used to read data from the meter.
  • Use the RS485 connection port to broadcast time to the meter remotely.
  • With the feature remote measure, remote sign remote management, remote adjustment



Accuracy class
Input voltage
AC 230V Or DC 24V or DC 40-260V
75mV shunt
Operation current range
0.05Ib~ Imax
Starting current
Power consumption
2W / 10VA
Relative humidity
≤ 85%
Operation temperature
 -20°C ~ +70°C
CE, ROHS, IEC62053-21
Net weight