JYZ-HW V2.0 Remote Overhead Line Fault Indicator

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  • Higher availability of overhead line networks – reduced downtime.
  • Quick fault detection – exact fault localization and information to maintenance teams.
  • High degree of sensitivity, the measurement starts at @50A – reliable detection of high-impedance faults.
  • Self-sustained sensors reduce the energy consumption of the device – enhancing the service life of the supply battery in the device (battery life: 10 years).
  • Own security key and IPsec encryption for data exchange with SICAM FCG – highest protection against unauthorized access (intruders).
  • Quick and easy device configuration with QR code on SICAM FSI and a web browser rather than DIP switches – high degree of user-friendly configurability.
  • Maintenance-free design of the device – with the exception of a battery change after 10 years, the SICAM FSI is absolutely maintenance-free.
    The large-size display of the initial commissioning year on the device enables operating personnel to see when the battery is due for changing while remaining on the floor.
  • Various flashing light frequencies depending on fault type – quick and precise fault diagnosis for the maintenance team.


JYZ-HW V2.0 Overhead Line Remote Fault indicator Features and Options

Subject Value
Permanent Fault Indication of permanent fault by three red ultra-bright blinking LEDs.
Instantaneous Fault Indication of instantaneous fault by three green ultra-bright blinking LEDs.
Earth-fault Indication of earth-fault by red and green ultra-bright LEDs blinking alternately.
Low Battery Warning Indication of Low battery alarm by three yellow ultra-bright blinking LEDs.
Parameter Adjusted The parameters can be read and adjusted by bidirectional wireless tools.
Remote Transmission DCU can transmit data to remote SCADA system.
Power Supply The indicator can take power from overhead lines, with lithium battery backup.
The DCU can take power from solar energy with lithium battery backup.

General Data

Subject Value
Short-circuit Trip Current (Phase to Phase) Adjustable, 1A step, 150A default
Earth-fault Voltage Drop (Phase to Ground) Adjustable: 1% step, 30% default
Earth-fault Response Delay Adjustable: 1 second step, 30s default
Indication Unit Reset 1 manual by magnet
2 communications by wireless tools or DCU (optional)
3 time reset: adjustable, 1 second step, 24h default
4 Auto delay reset after repower, 1 second step, 30s default
Protection Class IP68
Internal Type Test According to IEEE495-2007
Operation Temperature Range -40~+70℃
Power Supply Lithium battery type AA 3.6V / 2.7Ah, replaceable
Battery Life Approx. 10 years
Weight <1kg
Dimensions Diameter: 93mm
Height: 170mm
Accuracy 0A~300A  ±3A
300A~800A ±1%
Cable Diameter Ranges 6mm~42mm
Blinking Frequency 20 per minute, adjustable
Maximum Operating Voltage <= 38KV
Current Withstand 31.5KA/2s
Communication 433MHz from indicators to DCU
2G/3G/4G from DCU to SCADA