SICAM FSI Short-circuit Overhead Line Fault Indicators

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  • Higher availability of overhead line networks – reduced downtime.
  • Quick fault detection – exact fault localization and information to maintenance teams.
  • High degree of sensitivity, the measurement starts at @50A – reliable detection of high-impedance faults.
  • Self-sustained sensors reduce the energy consumption of the device – enhancing the service life of the supply battery in the device (battery life: 10 years).
  • Own security key and IPsec encryption for data exchange with SICAM FCG – highest protection against unauthorized access (intruders).
  • Quick and easy device configuration with QR code on SICAM FSI and a web browser rather than DIP switches – high degree of user-friendly configurability.
  • Maintenance-free design of the device – with the exception of a battery change after 10 years, the SICAM FSI is absolutely maintenance-free.
    The large-size display of the initial commissioning year on the device enables operating personnel to see when the battery is due for changing while remaining on the floor.
  • Various flashing light frequencies depending on fault type – quick and precise fault diagnosis for the maintenance team.


Fault Detection

  • Trip threshold setting range 75 A to 1500 A
    Inom setting is user configurable from 50 to 500 A enabling closer coordination with the upstream protection system for the network. Trip time is user configurable between 1.5*Inom and 3*Inom (in steps of 0.5 Inom).
  • ∆I trigger setting 5 A to 160 A
    The rate of change of current (∆I) setting is user configurable in steps of 5 A up to 80 A, 120 A, 160 A.
  • Inrush restraint
    Settable time delays for inrush conditions or step changes in load conditions.
  • Presence/absence of voltage detection for fault confirmation


  • The SICAM FSI – 6MD2314-1AB10 – can be parameterized using “FSI Web Configurator” software.
    In addition to the above, the SICAM FSI- 6MD2314-1AB11 – can be parameterized via the SICAM FCG over the wireless Interface.

Message acknowledgement / User configurable:

  • By magnet
  • Automatically at system voltage restoration
  • Automatically over a specified time (user configurable time)
  • Remotely with an acknowledgement signal from the control center

Auxiliary voltage

  • Battery (3.6V) service life approx. 10 years

Temperature range

  • -25 °C to +70 °C


  • Polycarbonate, UV-resistant
  • Protection class: IP65


  • The SICAM FSI is clamped onto the overhead line via the hotstick.