KPM31 Single Phase Digital Energy Meter

The KPM31 Single Phase Digital Energy Meter is built using cutting-edge microprocessor and digital signal processing technologies. Comprehensive single-phase power monitoring, display, energy accumulation, and network connectivity are all integrated into one system.

Because of its high anti-interference capabilities, it can continue to operate steadily even in the face of intense electromagnetic interference.

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  • Voltage, bidirectional current, apparent power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy, and power are all measured.
  • multi-rate energy statistics with four tariffs and up to eight time slots per day.
  • 12-month power statistics function historical data.
  • 5-63A rated current.
  • One collector active pulse output passive optical coupler.
  • Modbus connection by default over an RS485 port. Wi-Fi communication is optional.
  • LCDs show a wide range of power metrics and data.
  • Data is permanently saved during a power outage thanks to the integrated clock and maintenance-free battery.
  • magnetic retention relay with a large capacity and load on/off control.


  • All power parameter measurement;
  • Energy measurement and electrical fire monitor and control;
  • Replacing the three-phase power meter, three phase electricity transmitter;
  • Transformers, generators, capacitors and electric motors distributed detection;
  • Medium and low pressure systems;
  • SCADA, EMS, DCS integrators.


KPM31Multifunction meter-Technical parameters
Input voltage Rated voltage AC 110V/220V
Overall power consumption <5VA/
Frequency range 45~65Hz
Input current Rated current 1,5(6)A,10(60)A,20(100)A
Frequency range 45~65Hz
Measurement accuracy Voltage ±0.2%(0.01V)
Current ±0.2%(0.01A)
Active power ±0.5%(0.1W)
Reactive power ±2.0%(0.1kvar)
Active energy ±0.5%(0.1kWh)
Reactive energy ±2.0%(0.1kvarh)
Power factor ±0.5%(0.001)
Frequency ±0.02Hz(0.01Hz)
Clock Clock accuracy <0.5S/D
Communication Communication interface RS485,Photoelectric isolation interface
Electrical insulation Communication protocol Modbus-RTU,1200~38400bps
Power frequency withstand voltage AC2kV/min~1mA Input-output-power source (GB/T 13729)
Insulation resistance >50MΩ                            (GB/T 13729)
Impact voltage 5kV(Peak),1.2/50us    (GB/T 13729)
Working environment Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Relative humidity 5%~95% No condensation
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ +75℃
Altitude No more than 4000m
Electromagnetic Compatibility Surge (impact) immunity GB/T 17626.5-2008,Level4
Electrical fast burst immunity GB/T 17626.4-2008,Level4
Electrostatic discharge immunity GB/T 17626.2-2006,Level4
Power frequency magnetic field immunity GB/T 17626.8-2006,Level4