PR 200 Motor Protection Device

The PR200 Motor Protection Device is a comprehensive solution that keeps an eye out for anomalies in 3-phase power lines. Any size or kind of motor can be utilized with it.

The circuit will be automatically cut off by the release switch when the PR201 detects that the motor has reached the predetermined abnormal alert value on the PR200. The remote control system can receive the monitor data and alarm status via the RS485 communication connection option.

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Features of Motor Protection Device

  • Numerous single-function protection relays can be replaced by inexpensive electronic design relays.
  • For motors with less than 0.66 kV.
  • For current sampling, a built-in 3P CT is suitable for currents under 200A.
  • Two digital outputs for control loops that are external.
  • RS-485 network communications are optional.
  • analog output or an optional earth leakage sensor.

Application of Motor Protection Device

  • With or without a core-balance current transformer operating in zero sequence
  • Whether an external RTD module is used or not
  • From across the line
  • Beginning with stars and deltas
  • Motors with two speeds

Specification of Motor Protection Device

Electrical parameters  Value
Auxiliary Power 85-265Vac/dc
Power consumption <4 VA
Insulation resistance >100MΩ
Relays 5A/250VAC, 5A/30VDC (NO contact)
Motor rated voltage AC220V / AC380V / AC660V
Motor rated current 0.5-200A use internal CT
200A-820A use external ../5A CT
Leakage current sensor(1) 0-1A
Impulse withstand voltage 4 kV
Measuring accuracy:
Current ± 0.5% @ 10~120% Ie
Voltage ± 0.5% @ 10~150% Ue
Frequency ± 0.1% @ 45~65Hz
Power factor ± 1% @ 0.0~1.0
Power ± 1% @ 0~500 kW
Leakage current ± 1% @ 10~100% Ir
Temperature ± 1% @ 0.1~30 K
Analog Output ± 1% (4 ~ 20mA)
External port:  
Comm port(2) RS485 MODBUS-RTU
Optional Profibus-DP
Digital input Regular 7DI, max11 DI(3)
Digital output Regular 2DO, max 6DO(4)
Analog Output Optional 1AO
Working environment:  
Working temperature -10C ~ +55°C
Storage temperature -30C ~ +70°C
Relative humidity < 93% RH
Elevation Less than 3000 m
Electrical test:  
Standard reference IEC 60947-1
IEC 60947-4
Electrostatic discharge Severity: Level III
Severity Severity: Level III
Surge Severities: Level III
Voltage Characteristics Between two of the power/input / output between AC2kV/1min