Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp ATS MCB Type 2P 220V

GCQ2 series double power Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp is suitableforac50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage 230V 400V Power supply system with rated working current below 63A. Two options can be chosen based on the specifications of transferring power sources. The GCQ2 ATS has an overload, short circuit protection function, the salt also has the function of output closing signal.

Especially suitable for short-period soft power places, such as office buildings, shopping malls, Banks, hospitals, high-rise buildings, and so on in the lighting circuit. This double-power Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp meets the standard/T14048.11.

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Features of Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp

  • Circuit breaker Ploe number: 2p, 3P, 4P
  • Protection function: overload, short circuit
  • 230V 400V power supply
  • GB/T14048.11

Structure and working principle of GCQ2 series Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp

The GCQ2 series Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp is mainly composed of two miniature circuit breakers and motors. The controller is composed mechanical rotating device. The switch operates in three states for you to choose from, common power(N combination), double(manual), and standby power.
Using a circuit breaker breaking capability and attributes, a high score micro circuit breaker is selected.
The structure is tiny in size, noiseless, and functional. It is also simple to use. Long service life and other advantages.
it has an electric and mechanical double chain to ensure that the two power sources cannot be at the same time the power supply.
Working principle: Double-power automatic transfer switches operate by using the controller to supply power to two circuits. The source is detected, and when there is an abnormal power supply along the way, the controller checks the knot a logical judgment is made, and the operating mechanism is driven by the controller’s instructions to lock or close to ensure safe and reliable power supply to load.

Specifications of GCQ2 Automatic Changeover Switch 63 Amp

Parameters Value
ATSlevel CBlevel
Using the categories AC-33iB
Rated operating voltage AC230V/400V
Rated working current 6A~63A
Rated operating frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Motor control voltage AC230V
Rated insulation voltage AC690V
Electrical life 1500time
Mechanical life 6000time
Rated shot dirouit capaity 7.5kA
Rated shot circuit-breaking capacity 5KA
Switching action time < 3S(Do not adjust)
Raed impactwitstand volege 8KV
Conform to the standard GB/T14048.11

Dimensions and Installation Dimensions of GCQ2 ATS 63 Amp

Dimensions and installation dimensions of GCQ2 dual power ats