SPM20 AC Multi-Tenant Submetering Energy Meter

The SPM20 Multi-Tenant Submetering Energy Meter is specifically designed for use in commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and dorms, among other settings. It can measure the electricity used by AC devices and calculate power consumption. It’s the smallest energy meter with 30 channels and AC Max.

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  • Compact design, able to be installed at the nearest location, and compatible with current installations with limited space
  • Ultra-compact design with a solid core or split core control unit and current sensors
  • Broad measurement range, maximum 63A support
  • Support AC voltage and current class 0.5 and kWh class 1.0 for 30 single-phase or 10 three-phase circuits.
  • 1 phase 2 wires, 3 phase 4 wires, and multiple network types