PMAC202 AC Branch Circuit Power Meter

PMAC202 is branch circuit power meter provide one main circuit and 42 branch circuit data monitoring with high accuracy up to class 1.0 (kWh). With DI module to monitoring every branch circuit status & touch screen HMI, it is very suitable for Data Center

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  • 1 main circuit + 42 branch circuit
  • DI module to monitor each branch circuit status
  • Touch screen HMI with build-in system for setting and data display
  • High accuracy IEC62053-22 class 1.0
  • Build-in MODBUS-RTU via RS485 port
  • Settable alarm function for voltage; current; current unbalance
  • Optional alarm for leakage current & temperature
  • Measuring current up to 200A
  • Programmable phase sequence for branch circuit; settable to single phase or three phase
  • Historical kWh record for last 12 months and last 10 years