MPR-3M Selec Motor Protection Relay

The MPR-3M Selec Motor Protection Relay safeguards your motor against burnout. Offers a wide range of parameters to fulfill different purposes, such as protection against overload and phase loss, time lag, rapid connect, etc.; it can be used as a safeguard against motor burnout during overload or locked rotor.

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Features of Selec Motor Protection Relay

  • Phase loss, phase imbalance, phase sequence, overload trip current, and under/over current are among the monitors.
  • Fits either a 1Ø or a 3Ø motor.
  • Preciseness: 5% of zero.
  • Two C/O output relays (DPDT).
  • Remote/auto testing is possible.
  • 230V AC ± 15% is the aux supply. Alternatively, 415V AC ±15%

Application of Selec Motor Protection Relay

  • Control and safety of motors for different types of drives
  • Application-specific standard configurations that reduce the amount of time needed to set up and commission relays
  • preconfigured systems for industrial and utility distribution

Specification of Selec Motor Protection Relay

Measuring Parameter Overload Current, Phase Asymmetry, Phase Failure & Phase Sequence, Under Current
Electrical Connection 3Ø-3W
Display 3 LED Indication
Trip Setting Phase Unbalance: 50% of Motor Current (Fixed),
T(sec) Setting: 2 , 4, 6 , 8 ,10 Sec Trip Time Curve in Overload Trip Curve Graph,
Under Current: 50% of Motor Current,
X Imax: To Select Motor Current Rating
Time Ranges Single Phase Trip: 5sec,
Phase Unbalace: 5sec,
Phase Sequence: 5sec,
Overload Trip: As Per (IDMT Curve) ,
Under Current Trip: 5 Sec
CT Setting 10A, 40A, 80A
Accuracy Trip: ±5% of Set Value,
Time: ±5% of Setting ±100ms
Output Contact 2 C/O (DPDT )
Output Rating NC: 5A @ 240V AC , NO: 5A @ 240V AC
Supply Voltage 230V AC ±15% ,415V AC (±15%)
Size 52.5mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount