LM Series Rishabh Multifunction Meter

Rishabh Multifunction Meter LM1360 measure all basic electrical parameters such as Active Reactive, apparent energy , power and so on in 3 phase 4 wire, 3 phase 3 wire and1 phase 2 wire Network. The Rishabh Multifunction Meter has two optional outputs – pulse ouput and limit output. The pulse output is for energy measurement.

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Feature of Rishabh Multifunction Meter

  • Volatage related 220-440V, warming up time <3 minute, wall-mounting installation
  • High Accuracy class 0.2s for energy
  • THD and Individual Harmonics Measurement upto 31st for for voltage & current
  • Modbus, Ethernet, or Isolated USB Interface with optional datalogging
  • Limit (Alarm) or Pulse or RTC relay or Timer Relay Output optional
  • Inbuilt 8MB Flash for datalogging
  • Big LCD display with Back-lit
  • Direct remote access Optional

Construction of LM Series Rishabh Multifunction Meter

Construction of Rishabh Multifunction Meter 

Application of Rishabh Multifunction Meter

  • Internal Energy Accounting, Tracking, and Inspection
  • Monitoring of electrical loadsLaboratories, TestBenches, and Genset
  • Submetering

Specification of Rishabh Multifunction Meter

  • Input : 57 .7…346.42 V LN/ 100…600V LL (Programmable)-45…66 Hz ; 1A or 5A(Programmable) ; 100mA in case of Plug & play CT option
  • Auxiliary: 100V …550V AC/DC or 12-60V AC/DC
  • Accuracy: Class 0.2S; Class 1 (for Plug and play CT option)
  • Display : 4 Line 4 Digit LCD display +9 digit separate energy counter + Load analog graph
  • Measures: LM 1360 – V , A, Hz, KW, KV Ar, KV A, PF, Phase Angle, KWh, KV Arh, KV Ah, Neutral Current, Harmonics (31st), THD, Demand, Run Hour , ON Hour , No. Of Interruptions, old parameters
  • Output : RS485 Modbus + 2 x Pulse Output or Ethernet, (Modbus T CP /IP) or Ethernet (Modbus T CP /IP) + Data logging + RTC RS485 Modbus + 2x Pulse ; Output + Data logging + USB + RTC or GSM Data Logger (All plug and play modules)
  • Protection : IP50 from Front Side
  • Size (H x W x D) : 96 x 96 x 70 mm

Dimension of Rishabh Multifunction Meter

front-view Dimension of Rishabh Multifunction Meter   side-view Dimension of Rishabh Multifunction Meter panel cutout Dimension of Rishabh Multifunction Meter 

Wiring Diagram

3 phase 4 wire diagram wiring diagram of 3 phase 3 wire wiring diagram of single phase load